Our goal is to help firms become AI-ready

We help teams gain practical knowledge of implementing AI applications

E-Commerce use case

AI-powered product listing for E-Commerce websites and apps


Technology assessment for AI readiness

AI strategy is the key to gain tech advantage. In order to evaluate the present technological stack and design the best strategy for AI integrations, we provide functional study services.


AI-powered product listing

Once the business goals are identified in the assessment phase, the next steps are integrations with suitable AI/ML services to augment sales and marketing. 


Team on-boarding 

We help business executives acquire a technical edge by developing a customized AI strategy for each company. If your team is already in place but you are new to AI technologies, on-boarding is especially helpful.

How it works?

User visits website or app and navigates through the products / services listing.

The website or app displays AI enabled items as well.

User can initiate a ‘conversation’ with the AI-powered items.

The AI-powered product interacts with the the back-end AI engine (Picominer).

AI powered products offer just-in-time offers, recommendations, and support.


Automated online sales and marketing.
Just-in-time offers, recommendations, support.
Engaging content delivery.
User experience in product selection and purchase.
True feedback channel.
AI Services v1.0

AI plays an important role in improving the customer experience by contextual recommendations, prices, and support while making decisions of purchases on websites. 


Not all the websites or apps leverage the current trends of digital technologies. It is observed that many of the apps can be integrated with the out-of-the-box AI/ML services. 


Firstly, we conduct a functional study for possible AI/ML integrations. Once the business goals are identified, the next steps are integrations with AI/ML services.

We help leaders gain tech advantage

Not all websites / apps are AI-ready to leverage the latest digital technologies. Firstly, we conduct functional study of websites / apps to assess the AI readiness. Our top priority is to create a suitable AI strategy. Following that will be the actual implementation of AI-powered virtual agents for Sales and Marketing. Furthermore, we have plans to train the team to build AI capabilities going forward.

I own a business and sell online. Does AI help my business?

E-commerce websites and mobile applications are typically built around content that describes the features of the products, offers, and a few suggestions. But with the introduction of AI, the content can be enhanced for different users. Additionally, a variety of out-of-the-box AI services can improve the consumer focus of websites and mobile applications.

How to justify the AI investments?

AI was once considered to be a niche field. But things are changing quickly. The whole investments can be optimized and also justified with the right AI strategy. Investments in AI require a strong AI strategy. Our primary goal is to assist clients in creating effective AI strategies.

How do I choose right AI provider for my business?

This is a difficult question. It requires a comprehensive strategy, starting with defining the business objectives to be met with AI and selecting the appropriate partner. Every leader must be aware of the latest technologies. By creating a tailored AI strategy for every firm, we assist leaders in gaining technological advantage. Additionally, we support the full implementation of AI and assess its efficacy.

Should we have to redesign our online assets, websites and apps to use AI?

Not required. Before implementing AI services across the board, we prefer starting out with a few fundamental use cases. The life cycle of data and expert systems is substantially different from that of software development. Let's start using pre-built AI services as much as possible.

We help teams gain practical knowledge of implementing AI applications

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